GraphXR: Read, Modify, and Write Ontologies with RedisGraph

Kineviz is a software developer and consultancy focused on visual analytics. Its GraphXR platform provides a unified visual environment for analysts, business users, and investigators to work with big, connected, and high-dimensional data. GraphXR supports a wide range of applications including law enforcement, medical research, and business intelligence, accelerating time to insight and enabling needle-in-haystack discoveries that evade traditional analytic workflow.

RedisGraph has been integrated into GraphXR so that it can read and write graphs. Kineviz has prepared a video demonstration of GraphXR, showing how it can read in an Open Biological and Biomedical Ontology (OBO) Foundry ontology, navigate the ontology as a graph, make modifications, and store the resulting ontology back into RedisGraph.

Want to learn more about knowledge graphs? Check out our blog on Getting Started with Knowledge Graphs in RedisGraph to see how they work and are used in computing, and explore how to load and process ontologies in the RedisGraph module.