Konnichiwa and G’day: Redis Cloud Now Available in Tokyo and Sydney

Due to popular demand, I am delighted to announce the immediate availability of our Redis Cloud and Memcached Cloud services off AWS’ ap-northeast-1 (Tokyo) and ap-southeast-2 (Sydney) data regions. After having opened shop in Singapore at the beginning of this year, our friendly takeover of the Asia-Pacific region is finally complete!

The majority of Redis and Memcached users expect and rely on top performance from their datastores to support their applications’ requirements. Network latency, however, makes it impractical to have your in-memory database reside anywhere other than in close geographical proximity to the data center where your application is hosted. Furthermore, given the potentially network-intensive nature of using our services, mere proximity is not necessarily always enough because of the often-limited bandwidth between different data centers. Therefore, the optimal and only solution is to have your database and application instances run in the same data center and leverage the LAN’s performance.

I invite you to experience firsthand our enterprise-class cloud services and benefit from the only hosted Redis and Memcached that offer infinite scalability, high-availability and stable top performance. Sign up to our service and you can start with our free 25MB plan. When needed, you can upgrade to any of our plans instantly, seamlessly and without any interruption to the service, data loss or configuration changes.

Questions? Feedback? Sushi and beer? Drop me a line or a tweet – I’m highly available 🙂