Price Reductions from Google, Amazon and Redis Labs

Last week, two events shook the skies in San Francisco. On Wednesday, a sunny and gentle day, Google’s Urs Hölzle announced during the Google Cloud Platform Live event that they are cutting the prices of Google’s platform services by considerable percentages. A day later, during the AWS Summit keynote, Andy Jassy answered that move with Amazon’s 42nd price reduction – this time cutting the cost for a host of the cloud’s services by 10-40% (the Ultimate Question remains unknown). The skies over San Francisco showered rain that day as the two giant clouds collided (or maybe it was just Rob McKenna attending the events).

We’ve wasted no time in processing this exciting news, and today I’m happy to announce our very own Redis Cloud and Memcached Cloud price reductions. We’ve lowered our prices of all plans on AWS by 10-40%. And the best news? The new prices will be in effect right away, so all our users can enjoy the lower prices starting on April 1st. Check out the details on our pricing page.

We believe that a simple pricing model is priceless and that’s exactly why we stick with ours – it just makes sense all around. However, as a fully-managed and all-inclusive service provider, Redis’ prices do take into account a wide range of factors besides the cost of RAM, such as the costs of EBS storage, EBS I/O and network among others. We try, nonetheless, to roll any positive developments forward to our users whenever we can – as in this case.

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