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Redis Core Team Update

Redis Core Team member Madelyn Olson

Last week we announced a new light-governance model for the open source Redis project, following Salvatore Sanfilippo’s stepping back from being Redis’s BDFL and sole maintainer.

We believe that defining the right model for Redis was an important step, but it’s just as important to get the right people on board the new core team. In order to preserve the spirit of Redis and its unique DNA, we wanted the core team to consist of people who are already committed to and involved with the project.

To that end, last week we announced that Redis Technology Evangelist Itamar Haber, a veteran of the Redis community, will be joining the team as a community lead. Today, we’re very happy to announce that Madelyn Olson, Senior Software Development Engineer at Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Zhao Zhao, Senior Engineer at Alibaba Cloud, have also accepted our invitation and have joined the core team.

Redis Core Team member Zhao Zhao

Madelyn and Zhao have been actively involved in Redis development for several years, contributing numerous changes throughout Redis, including bug fixes and features. They have also spent countless hours collaborating with us, along with Salvatore, on core Redis topics. Some of these collaborations have already proved to be productive, resulting in, among other things, Redis 6.0 TLS support.

Madelyn Olson is a Senior Software Development Engineer at Amazon ElastiCache, the managed Redis and Memcached service. She focuses on building secure and highly reliable features for Redis including numerous contributions to the Redis Project.

Zhao Zhao is a Senior Engineer at Alibaba Cloud NoSQL Database, from Hangzhou, China. He also manages Redis and Memcached services. As one of the top contributors to Redis 6, he focuses on improving Redis performance and data replication consistency.

We are confident that beyond the experience and skills of the team members as a set of individuals, this team has the capacity to work together and produce something greater than the sum of its parts.

We’d like to thank Madelyn and Zhao for accepting the challenge and joining the Redis Core Team! We know we have a big mission ahead of us, but assembling this talented, diverse, and committed Redis Core Team definitely gives us confidence we’re on the right track.