Listen to Kyle Davis and Loris Cro Discuss Their New Book, “Redis Microservices for Dummies” [Podcast]

The data layer is one of the first things to consider when moving to a microservices architecture. That’s because in a microservices architecture, each service manages its own data and is responsible for its own private data store. Understanding the role of the database in each service is critical. Depending on the service, for example, database could be the single source of truth, a temporary store, or something in between. 

Kyle Davis
Loris Cro
Loris Cro

That’s one of the most important concepts in our new free e-book: Redis Microservices for Dummies. Authors—and Redis developer evangelists—Kyle Davis and Loris Cro walk readers through key microservices terms and concepts and how a microservices architecture can help make your apps more scalable, easier to manage and update, and more resilient. You’ll also learn how to use Redis to optimize your data layer.

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Find out more about Redis and microservices architectures with Kyle and Loris on The New Stack Context podcast (player embedded below), in conversation with The New Stack’s Alex Williams, Libby Clark, and Joab Jackson. The group discusses common questions about using Redis in a microservices architecture application state and deconstructs the notion of whether you really need a separate “primary database,” among other things.

“The mind-expanding moment for people is saying, ‘Do you need a ‘primary’ database at all? Can you use Redis to store things in a durable set?” Kyle says. “And this is something that when people start understanding, like, ‘Oh, I can take an entire layer out of this stack that I’m building this service on,’ it really kind of changes their mindset, because it’s operationally easier, it’s less to develop.” 

And for a quick preview what’s in the e-book before you download it, check out these excerpts: 

Download Redis Microservices for Dummies here!

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