Redis Statistics Every Developer Should Know

How well do you know Redis?

Redis is an open source, in-memory data store that was voted “the most loved database” five years in a row. But its ecosystem may be larger than you knew—and more personally financially rewarding than you realized.

10,000: Companies using Redis Enterprise

If your organization uses Redis, you’re in good company. Today, nearly 10,000 customers rely on Redis Enterprise to run their business. You know many of them by name, too: British Airways, MGM Resorts International, Ulta Beauty, and Viacom18. That’s just a small subset.

And that doesn’t include users of the open source version. Redis has over 4 billion Docker pulls (with 6 million launches per day), its GitHub repository has nearly 60,000 stars, and it supports more than 50 programming languages.

Redis Stack, which adds advanced features and multi-model capabilities to Redis OSS (released in 2022), already has over 3.9 million pulls on Docker hub. The data visualization and performance management tool, RedisInsight, is downloaded over 15,000 times per month and has more than 60,000 monthly active users.

19,332: Redis questions answered on StackOverflow

To date, 19,332 questions posted to StackOverflow about Redis have been answered. That means that over 5,000 questions are still open and waiting for a response–so if you consider yourself something of a Redis expert, see if you can’t help a fellow developer out.

4,523: Open jobs calling for Redis skills on a random day

According to, on an ordinary day in April, 4,523 open job postings required Redis skills. About 1,500 of those open roles were for remote positions. 

So if you want to invest in a technical skill to help you get a leg up in the job market, consider adding Redis to your resume.

$140,290: The typical salary for jobs that call for Redis skills

It’s not just a matter of “lots of jobs available.” It’s lots of high-paying jobs available. According to a report, Redis skills are among the top 10 highest-paying IT skills in today’s job market (along with Golang, Elasticsearch, Apache Kafka, and other technologies). While the average tech salary in 2022 was just over $111K a year, developers with Redis skills average annual salaries of over $140K—a 1.6% increase over the previous year. 

13,512: Developers signed up for Redis University

Perhaps you like the idea of adding Redis expertise to your resume. What’s the best way to learn? Redis University offers free online training classes, including “Introduction to Redis Data Structures,” “Redis Streams,” and “Redis for Python Developers” as just a small sample. Well over 10,000 people signed up for at least one of the nine courses available, and over 4,000 completed at least one.

And while knowledge for its own sake is rewarding, impressing an employer by saying you’re a Certified Redis Developer is even better, because it’s probably accompanied by numbers that make a loud ka-CHING as they arrive in your bank account. About 350 people have passed that test (and its course prerequisites) in the past three years, earning them serious bragging rights.

800: Redis videos

Maybe you prefer to learn by watching videos. A gold mine of Redis tutorials and presentations is available on YouTube. The official Redis channel, with more than 20,000 subscribers, has over 800 videos that you can watch for free. The most popular videos are “Reduce Complexity by Using Redis as a Real-Time Data Platform,” “Flexible Deployment of Redis to Multicloud or Hybrid Cloud,” and the high-level overview “What Is Redis?” That doesn’t include plenty of other videos created by Redis users and business partners.

What are the chances that you will love Redis?

Statistically speaking, chances are 100%. So try Redis Cloud for free today.