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Redise Cloud Private is Now Generally Available

This content was written prior to a change in Redis’ naming convention – Redis Enterprise is now the moniker for all our products.

We are excited to announce that Redis Enterprise Cloud Private (RCP) is now generally available, with simplified signup and automated management. This release brings customers the power to deploy fully managed Redis Enterprise within their VPC in a zero touch and seamless manner.

Redis Enterprise Cloud Private delivers fully managed, cost-effective, stable high-performance Redis databases in dedicated clusters within your cloud account, using your own instances inside your VPC. You can deploy Redis databases on RAM or on RAM + Flash (Redis Enterprise Flash). With Redis Enterprise Flash, SSDs acts as an extension of RAM for hosting large datasets at lower cost with Redis Enterprise Cloud Private!

Over the last few months during the preview period, we have been working hard to improve the product and add new features based on the feedback we received. Here are a few important improvements in this generally available edition:

Free Trial – No Credit Card Required!

Take RCP for a test drive with our unlimited 14-day trial option, no credit card required.

Simplified Sign-up

To simplify subscriptions and make them more flexible, we have added the following options:

  • You can now provide your AWS details once by creating a ‘Cloud Account’ and reuse them when creating your subscriptions.
  • You can specify which Availability Zones you want your subscription to be created in.
  • You can size your database by either specifying the estimated throughput in ops/sec or by specifying the number of shards needed.

Data-at-Rest Encryption

For better security and compliance, you can now enable data-at-rest encryption with a click of a button for all your databases on Redis Enterprise Cloud Private.

Price Calculator

For convenience, we have created a price calculator that uses your cloud and region preferences, along with throughput and data size needs, in order to estimate your bill.

Get Started Today!

Getting started is very simple with Redis Enterprise Cloud Private.

Step #1 – Sign up for a Redis Enterprise Cloud Private account

Sign up for an account on This takes seconds.

Step #2 – Create an AWS account for RCP

Delegate an account under your AWS account for RCP. RCP will use it for remote provisioning and management. You only have to do this once!

Step #3 – Create a new subscription

Choose your data center and subscription options.

Step #4 – Create your Redis database

Create a database or databases using “database templates.” Remember to choose the “Free Trial” option if you want to get started without a credit card.

Step #5 – Connect to your Redis database

Use redis-cli or a simple python app to connect to your deployment.

We are continuing to improve Redis Enterprise Cloud Private. For any questions and feedback, please contact