RedisRaft License Update

As of October 20, 2021, we’re updating the RedisRaft license from dual AGPLv3 + RSAL to RSAL only.

This change applies to the RedisRaft project only. The license change does NOT affect core Redis, which is, and will always be, the 3-clause BSD license.


RSAL lets users freely download, modify, and redistribute source code without worrying about copyleft, just like Apache 2.0 and BSD. RSAL also permits anyone to use the source code in commercial software and in cloud SaaS offerings, as long as the offering does not provide the software itself. For example, the RSAL license prohibits you from using the software to create a database-as-a-service based on RedisRaft.

This flexibility provides the Redis ecosystem with freely available clients and modules under permissive licenses, enables the core Redis license to always be under the three clause BSD license, and provides a foundation for the enterprise software and services we provide commercially. 

Growing Redis

We’re continuing our commitment to the success of the Redis ecosystem. Our efforts include the open source governance of the core project, supporting and managing contributions, empowering and mentoring contributors, developing new features, fixing bugs and patching security issues, educating the market about Redis, and sponsoring Redis events across the globe.

We’re also continuing to invest heavily in building, extending, and supporting many clients and modules, all freely available under open-source or source-available licenses. We believe that RedisRaft is going to be an important addition for Redis users, and we’re committed to the significant effort involved in building and maintaining it.