Simplify Building and Managing Applications with Redis Enterprise on Google Cloud

We began our collaboration with Google Cloud in 2014 to make Redis Enterprise available on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as a fully managed Database-as-a-Service, either hosted or in virtual private clouds (VPCs), as well as downloadable software. Since then our partnership has strengthened considerably as we worked together with many joint customers across every industry including retail, financial services, media, social, and gaming.

What makes this partnership strong is that we share a common vision that open source accelerates innovation and helps our customers future-proof their technology investments. We are both committed to fostering the growth of the open source community, while delivering enterprise-grade capabilities such as resilience, security, performance and multi-region distributed scale. Combining full resilience utilizing Redis Enterprise’s Active-Active Geo-Distribution capability with GCP’s fast global network, will allow enterprises to deploy distributed applications with sub-millisecond latency.

Today, at Google Next ’19, Google Cloud CEO, Thomas Kurian, and our co-founder and CEO, Ofer Bengal, announced an expanded partnership that will deliver Redis Enterprise as a fully managed cloud service, offering a seamless experience integrated with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) console, billing, and support to enterprise customers.  The new tightly-integrated GCP service will make it even easier for organizations to create Redis applications without ever leaving GCP.

You can view the announcement below

With Redis Enterprise as a fully managed service on GCP you will be able to:

  • Create and scale Redis-based applications within GCP.
  • Provision and manage the service alongside other GCP services you use from the same user interface.
  • Manage large datasets cost-effectively utilizing Redis on Flash with GCP’s fast NVMe or with the recently announced Intel persistent memory instances, that provide close to DRAM performance at a much lower cost.
  • Achieve five nines availability (99.999%) and true linear scalability of Redis Enterprise.
  • Full resilience utilizing Redis Enterprise’s active-active geo-replication capability with GCP’s fast global network to deploy distributed applications with sub-millisecond latency.

Watch the demo of Redis Enterprise on GCP below

We are excited about this new offering, and what comes next as we work together to make Redis Enterprise available as a native GCP service.  You can read more about the announcement on the Google Cloud blog and on our website.