Vote for the Best App in the Redis ‘Beyond Cache’ Hackathon

Vote now! 

Participants in the Redis ‘Beyond Cache’ Hackathon have submitted their final projects, and now is your last chance to vote for your favorite! This is our first online hackathon and we challenged Redis developers to build applications that use Redis modules like RedisGears, RedisAI, RediSearch, RedisGraph, RedisTimeSeries, RedisJSON and RedisBloom, as well as Redis event-driven capabilities like Redis Streams, Redis for Task Queues, and Pub/Sub. We received more than 48 applications, out of which 26 met our strict criteria. These four projects received the most votes and made it to the final round. 

Now you, the Redis community, get to vote for the People’s Choice award. 50% of the points awarded will come from the community, with the other 50% coming from our panel of five judges. (There will also be a Judges Award determined solely by the panel.)

Please use the following—equally weighted—criteria when considering your vote:

  • Quality of the idea (includes creativity and the originality of the idea) 
  • Design (includes the user experience and visual design of the idea)
  • Technical implementation (includes how well the idea was executed)

This final voting round runs from June 11–18. The winners will be announced on Friday, June 19!

The applications are listed in alphabetical order, and for your convenience, I’ve listed the Redis modules and other features each team used in their app. Check out their projects by watching the demo videos and looking at each project page. If you like it, then click here to vote for it on LinkedIn. Checking out all of the projects can be fun and addicting!


A real-time video solution that can take student attendance in a classroom using contactless face recognition, so everyone doesn’t have to handle the same sign-in sheet. Uses RedisAI, RedisGears, RedisTimeSeries, and Tensorflow. View submission. Vote!


A web application and browser plugin that generates quizzes, notes, and flash cards automatically for use in educational videos. In addition to natural language processing and machine learning, the app uses RedisGears, Redis Pub/Sub, Redis Streams, RedisJSON, Sorted Sets, Hashes, and TypeScript. View submission. Vote!


An AI-based tool that checks for PPE (personal protective equipment) on medical staff to meet safety protocols to prevent the spread of virus. Uses RedisAI, Redis Streams, TensorFlow, and Express.js. View submission. Vote!


A blockchain-based decentralized e-commerce platform. Uses RediSearch, Redis Pub/Sub, Redis as a cache,, and Ethereum. View submission. Vote!

Visit the Redis ‘Beyond Cache’ Hackathon page for more details about the hackathon. To learn about other programs and activities offered by Redis, visit the Redis Stars Developer Community.