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What’s new in two with Redis – June edition
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Welcome to “What’s new in two,” the place to catch up on Redis releases you might have missed from last month. This time, we’re covering the latest developments from June, expanding on what I covered in our latest video. Press play above if you prefer watching a quick recap of this month’s updates. Let’s get started.

Redis data integration

We’re excited to share that Redis Data Integration (RDI) is now Generally Available. RDI is a powerful tool that synchronizes data from external databases into Redis in near real-time. It lets you seamlessly integrate your Redis data with existing databases to access data faster, easily manage and set up pipelines between Redis and those external databases, and cut costs by offloading expensive reads to Redis. 

RDI is also coming to Redis Insight. This will make using RDI much easier for those who would rather be in an intuitive UI than a CLI. With RDI in Redis Insight, you can easily set up connection details to external databases, set up transformation jobs using built-in templates, use a dedicated editor with auto-completion and syntax highlighting for JMESPath and SQLite functions, and monitor the operating insights of a deployed pipeline on our statistics page. Check out our rdi demo video to see it in action. 

Redis Copilot

Another really cool update coming to Redis Insight is the addition of Redis Copilot. This isn’t just another chatbot you could use in a browser – Redis Copilot in Redis Insight helps you construct search queries using everyday language rather than requiring specific programming syntax. This interactive feature makes it easy to query and explore your own data and without extensive technical knowledge. This feature is starting to rollout in June and will continue to rollout to more users in July.

Redis Query Engine

At Redis, we provide the fastest data and AI infrastructure available for enterprises at scale. That’s why we’re excited to announce the General Availability of our enhanced Redis Query Engine on Redis Software, coming to Redis Cloud later this year. The new Redis Query Engine boosts your current Redis query throughput by 16X, which makes Redis faster than any other vector database we benchmarked against. See how we did it on our engineering blog.

Client-Side caching

Next, we’re happy to announce that Client-side caching is now available as a private preview for Redis Software. Client-side caching lets your app store the replies of popular queries directly in-memory to reuse them later, without contacting the database again. The private preview is currently available for Redis Software customers who use the Jedis or redis-py client libraries.  To join the preview, fill out this form

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Terraform for Redis Cloud

In addition, an update on a new release for our Terraform for Redis Cloud registry version 1.7. This release now supports our Essentials cloud subscriptions and databases, which are our fixed monthly options. It allows you to build automation around all levels of workloads. Another highly requested feature in 1.7 is the support for modules in Active-Active databases. To get started using Redis Cloud with Terraform, visit

Redis 7.2 release

Lastly, we’re excited to announce the public preview of Redis version 7.2 and E1 (1GB) SKU on Azure Cache for Redis Enterprise. This means you can upgrade to the latest Redis version and benefit from all the new features. During the preview period, the default Redis version for databases will be Redis 6.0. You’ll be able to upgrade existing or newly created database(s) to Redis version 7.2. 

Another exciting addition is the E1 (1GB) instance size, also available in preview. This allows you to provision small dev/test instances to build and test apps using Redis features like Search, JSON, Vector similarity search, etc. When you’re ready to take your workload to production, you can scale up to a higher SKU to get better performance and availability. This SKU runs on burstable hardware and is best suited to be used as a dev/test SKU. Features like scale-out and Active-Active are not supported on this SKU. 

To learn more about these two features, please visit:
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E1 SKU preview information

That's it for this month's “What's new in two.” We've taken a closer look at the latest Redis features and enhancements from June. Whether you prefer watching or reading, keep an eye out for more valuable updates in my next two-minute episode. July releases are just around the corner, so stay tuned. And if you missed last month’s update, two minutes is all you need to catch up. See you in the next one.