The Redis manual

A developer's guide to Redis

Redis administration

Advice for configuring and managing Redis in production

Redis CLI

Overview of redis-cli, the Redis command line interface

Client-side caching in Redis

Server-assisted, client-side caching in Redis

Redis configuration

Overview of redis.conf, the Redis configuration file

Key eviction

Overview of Redis key eviction policies (LRU, LFU, etc.)

High availability with Redis Sentinel

High availability for non-clustered Redis

Redis keyspace notifications

Monitor changes to Redis keys and values in real time

Redis persistence

How Redis writes data to disk (append-only files, snapshots, etc.)

Redis pipelining

How to optimize round-trip times by batching Redis commands

Redis programmability

Extending Redis with Lua and Redis Functions

Redis Pub/Sub

How to use pub/sub channels in Redis

Redis replication

How Redis supports high availability and failover with replication

Scaling with Redis Cluster

Horizontal scaling with Redis Cluster

Redis security

Security model and features in Redis


How transactions work in Redis

Troubleshooting Redis

Problems with Redis? Start here.