Connect to Redis

Learn how to use user interfaces and client libraries

You can connect to Redis in the following ways:

  • With the redis-cli command line tool
  • Use Redis Insight as a graphical user interface
  • Via a client library for your programming language

Redis command line interface

The Redis command line interface (also known as redis-cli) is a terminal program that sends commands to and reads replies from the Redis server. It has the following two main modes:

  1. An interactive Read Eval Print Loop (REPL) mode where the user types Redis commands and receives replies.
  2. A command mode where redis-cli is executed with additional arguments, and the reply is printed to the standard output.

Redis Insight

Redis Insight combines a graphical user interface with Redis CLI to let you work with any Redis deployment. You can visually browse and interact with data, take advantage of diagnostic tools, learn by example, and much more. Best of all, Redis Insight is free.

Client libraries

It's easy to connect your application to a Redis database. The official client libraries cover the following languages:

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