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Running Redis on Kubernetes

The real-time data platform anywhere.
On-premises, private cloud, or public cloud.

Discover how Redis Enterprise can support your real-time applications.
Kubernetes advantage

The Kubernetes advantage

Kubernetes is an open source interface to facilitate the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

A Redis Enterprise cluster running in containers or pods can be deployed as part of a Kubernetes cluster.

Running Redis Enterprise on Kubernetes has multiple benefits such as:

  • Automatic scalability
  • Persistent storage volumes
  • Simplified database endpoint management
  • Zero downtime upgrades
  • Secure containerized applications

Kubernetes provides an ideal foundation to deploy Redis Enterprise clusters. Among the reasons are dedicated functions, including anti-affinity (to allow granular control of container placement for enhanced availability), persistent volumes (to enable database persistence), and StatefulSets (for running share-nothing nodes). And that’s just a sample.

kubernetes clusters

The Redis Enterprise Operator for Kubernetes

As wonderful as Kubernetes may be, it also can be a challenge for IT personnel to administer. Organizations using Kubernetes at scale and in production environments generally have multiple clusters for each entire application lifecycle, including development, testing, production, high availability, and disaster recovery.

Running a Redis Enterprise cluster on Kubernetes involves two systems: the Redis cluster itself, and the Kubernetes orchestration system. The Redis Enterprise Operator for Kubernetes ensures these two systems work together in harmony. It automates the configuration and execution of any Kubernetes function and uses Redis-specific controls to automate the operation of the data platform.

Kubernetes function

Trust Redis’ expertise

Since 2013, Redis Inc. has accumulated extensive experience running Redis-as-a-Service. We invested this extensive experience into the Redis Enterprise Operator. That means you, the human operator, don’t have to develop expertise in running a Redis Enterprise Cluster. You can rely on ours. When all the HA features are enabled our achievements include Zero data loss.


Years in production


Databases created


Data centers deployed


Node failures


Data center outages

We deliver infrastructure flexibility

Redis Enterprise supports the environment of your choice to match any product needs or corporate strategy. A Redis Enterprise on Kubernetes can be deployed on-premises, any major cloud vendors, or a combination of them for a true hybrid and multicloud experience.

Kubernetes function deployment

Kubernetes cloud marketplaces

Redis Enterprise on Kubernetes is available on the  Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) marketplaces. Use it to extend your data center or to build cloud-native applications with a real-time data platform. There’s plenty of reasons why:

  • Unify your cloud billing for Redis Enterprise using your current cloud account.
  • Simplify the management of Redis Enterprise clusters with the Redis Enterprise Operator for Kubernetes
  • Deploy clusters in any region, including your local data center

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