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Rapid Data Ingestion with Redis Enterprise

Vital data can end up locked in legacy databases because it seems too complex, time-consuming, and costly to unlock its full potential.

Not with Redis Enterprise. At this half-hour Tech Talk, you’ll see how to use the Redis Connect tool to quickly and easily ingest and replicate data from sources into Redis Enterprise.

Whether you’re replatforming to a hybrid architecture, migrating databases, optimizing Redis Enterprise, or enriching microservices, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand architectural patterns and main use cases
  • Optimize performance with change data capture (CDC)
  • Deliver real-time data to employees, customers, and partner applications
  • Run ETL and searches in real time for your source applications
Talon Miller

Talon Miller

Technical Product Marketing Manager

Product Marketing

Virag Tripathi

Virag Tripathi

Principle Field


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