Redis Stack for Application Modernization

In partnership with The London Java Community

Catch up on our meetup from Tuesday, March 12th 2024, which introduced Redis Stack, an extension of Redis, as the Redis team guide you through its broad data modeling capabilities.

With practical examples of real-time queries and searches, this session explores Redis Stack’s new approach to providing a rich data modeling experience all within the same database server.

Build real-time multi-model applications at any scale with Redis.

Learn how to model and search your data in the JSON and hash data types and work with features such as vector similarity search, which adds semantic search capabilities to your applications to search for similar texts, images, or audio files. We’ll show you how to use the probabilistic Bloom filters to efficiently resolve recurrent big data problems. As we uncover the strengths of Redis Stack as a data platform, we’ll explore use cases for managing database events and introduce stream processing features. Finally, you’ll see how Redis Stack seamlessly integrates into microservices architectures, completing the picture.

Luigi Fugaro, Senior Solution Architect at Redis
Mirko Ortensi, Senior Technical Enablement Architect at Redis.

Session 2: Semantic Search with Redis

Discover the power of Redis as a Vector Database

The needs and expectations of modern search interfaces have evolved to deal with the increasing amounts of unstructured data, including free-form text, images, voice recordings, and videos. The renaissance of deep learning models, including LLMs, has allowed us to extract and compress meaning from vast amounts of data. But this extracted meaning, as Vectors, needs to be managed and searched efficiently. In this session, we’ll build the foundations of a semantic search application using Redis. Learn how to use Redis with JSON and search capabilities as a vector database for semantic search.

Brian Sam-Bodden, Senior Developer Advocate at Redis

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Brian Sam-Bodden
Senior Developer Advocate

Luigi Fugaro
Senior Solution Architect

Mirko Ortensi
Senior Technical Enablement Architect