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What’s New in Redis 7.2

Come find out about the new features in Redis 7.2

Redis 7.2 is getting even faster and more capable. Whether you’re a developer, architect, or operator, you can expect faster performance, faster deployments, and new functionality for everyone on your team. 

In our Tech Talk, we’ll tell you what’s changed in Redis 7.2 and what it means to you. As just a few examples:

  • Auto Tiering enables larger datasets within Redis, unlocks new use cases, and optimizes cost and performance
  • Deploy Active-Active with Kubernetes with a single yaml file 
  • Ingest and integrate with Redis data using Redis Data Integration
  • New developer functionality with Triggers and Functions supported by JavaScript
  • New official client libraries and Redis Stack support with RESP3

Event Speaker

Talon Miller

Talon Miller

Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager

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