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HongKe has been deeply involved in the industrial and manufacturing fields for 20 years. With the all-around development of cloud technology and the gradual implementation of digital factories, HongKe has participated in more and more cloud-themed businesses. These businesses initially started from a unified collection of original data to the cloud, subsequently from edge computing to the cloud, and currently as comprehensive business optimization, insight research, cost optimization, etc. The HongKe Cloud Technology Business Unit has implemented and accumulated rich experience from solutions and application scenarios for users in the industry. The solutions include resource monitoring, security guarantee, multi-cloud interconnection, application, data traction, etc. The team is constantly adapting to the national strategies spanning from technological innovation, standard formulation, ecology enrichment, and security guarantee, to energy saving and emission reduction, and creating better products, helping industrial and manufacturing users to achieve digital transformation, realize data-based cost reduction, and increase efficiency.

Company Details:

Company Name: HongKe Technology Co., Ltd.

HQ:6/F, Building C, Runhui Technology estate, No. 18 Shenzhou Road, Huangpu Dist., Guangzhou City, China

Offices: Taiwan | Hong Kong | Guangzhou| Chengdu|Suzhou | Shanghai| Xi’an| Beijing


Tel:400 999 3848

Mob (WeChat):15508270915