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Solution Brief

Redis Enterprise for Mobile Banking

Redis Enterprise for Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking Apps Introduce Tech Challenges. Here’s How to Meet Them

Redis Enterprise offers several techniques to build fast, scalable, resilient mobile banking apps.

Today’s bank customers primarily use mobile applications to interact with their financial institutions. They expect to use their mobile phones to accomplish common tasks, such as checking account balances, depositing checks, sending money, and loan applications.

The mobile banking adoption trend has introduced significant technical challenges for the teams building these apps. Among them: the complexity introduced by delivering data from siloed backend databases; scalability issues during times of peak user activity;  and performance challenges associated with real-time data access. 

Redis Enterprise can help. This solution brief explains:

  • The primary technical challenges associated with building mobile banking apps
  • How you can use Redis Enterprise for fast authentication, responsive sessions, and fast access to customer data
  • Five ways to use Redis Enterprise to overcome these challenges
  • When each option makes sense to solve a mobile banking app’s needs –  complete with architecture details

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