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Redis Enterprise

Redis Enterprise is an enterprise-grade Redis, available both on-premises and in the cloud (on AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure). Redis Enterprise simplifies operations, scaling, and multi-tenancy, includes many integrations (for example, Kubernetes), and provides multiple tiers of support.

Read on to learn about Redis Enterprise and the benefits of its extended offerings.


Redis, Inc. develops both open source and source available technologies, which are free for developers to use. These include:

Redis Enterprise offers three deployment options:

Redis Enterprise Software

Redis Enterprise Software is the on-premises distribution of Redis Enterprise. You download, install, and manage a Redis Enterprise Software cluster wherever you like:

Redis provides a Kubernetes operator that deploys and manages a Redis Enterprise cluster. You can use the operator on premises or in a private or public cloud.

The Google Cloud Marketplace also offers Redis Enterprise as a Kubernetes app for easy deployment.

Redis Cloud

Redis Cloud is a Database-as-a-Service provided by Redis. The fully-managed cloud service is based on Redis Enterprise and accessible via a self-service portal, which gives you access to the subscription/database control plane. Redis, Inc. manages the Redis Enterprise clusters and the complexity of the underlying infrastructure.

To get started, see the Redis Cloud quick start.

Let Support know if you have any questions.

You can also purchase and deploy Redis Cloud directly through the cloud provider’s marketplace:


Hybrid and multi-cloud deployments

Redis Enterprise supports both hybrid (on-premises/cloud) and multi-cloud deployments using Active-Active replication:

Build real-time apps using Redis Stack

Redis Stack extends the Redis OSS core with additional data models and features such as indexing, querying, and JSON data support. Redis Enteprise supports all of the features available as part of Redis Stack, see our Stack and Enterprise docs.

Redis developer tools


You can contact the Redis Customer Success Team for help with planning your project and implementation as well as maintaining and optimizing your solution. Redis Customer Success will work directly with you to deliver personalized account and product-lifecycle management, best practices, and expert guidance.

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