Go-Redis Is Now an Official Redis Client

The Go-Redis client joins the family of officially supported clients under the Redis umbrella.

Do you program in the Go language and want to use Redis? We have good news for you! The open source Go-Redis, which provides a type-safe API for Redis commands, now is easier for you to access and use. 

Go-Redis is a community-driven project started by Vladimir Mihailenco, whose Uptrace monitoring application creates automatic alerts for complex distributed systems. Community contributors including Dimitrij Denissenko and monkey92t helped make the Go-Redis client a top choice for developers working with Redis.

Uptrace is an OpenTelemetry APM with an intuitive query builder, rich dashboards, alerting rules, and integrations for most languages and frameworks. It can process billions of spans and metrics on a single server, allowing you to monitor your applications at 10x lower cost.

Beginning with version 9, Go-Redis is hosted under the official Redis organization on GitHub. This change encourages even more collaboration and contributions from the community and ensures that the library stays up-to-date with the latest Redis and Redis Stack features. It also aligns the Go client with other officially supported Redis clients, such as redis-py for Python, nredisstack for .NET, jedis for Java, and node-redis for Node.js. 

The end result: It’s easier for developers to find and use the appropriate Redis client for their preferred programming language.

Existing Go-Redis users should update their imports and dependencies to begin using version 9:

// old, v8
import "github.com/go-redis/redis/v8"

// new, v9
import "github.com/redis/go-redis/v9"

If you’re new to Go-Redis, please do explore it! Version 9 adds support for the RESP3 protocol, introduces a new hooks API, improves pipeline retries, and allows performance monitoring via OpenTelemetry.

Thank you again to everyone who has been a part of this project thus far. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for the Go client for Redis and the wider Redis community!