Visit Redis at re:Invent 2022

Visit our booth in Las Vegas on December 1st, learn about Redis, get a Redis Geek T-shirt, and enter our raffle for an Oculus Quest 2.

It’s that time of the year. Days are getting shorter, the holidays are approaching, and tens of thousands of people are eagerly awaiting the tech Industry’s favorite fall tradition: AWS re:Invent. 

This year, there is some added excitement: a relative return to normalcy. For the first time since 2019, re:Invent is once again expected to be a largely in-person conference and to deliver all the thrill and grandeur that Las Vegas and Amazon Web Services have to offer. 

Redis will attend, too. And while we’re excited to join in the revelry, we’re even more excited to help businesses answer their most critical questions. Questions like, “What does a real-time data layer mean to my business?” 

It means a lot. Your data layer is the collection of technologies and services that you use to process, deliver, and store data for your applications. 

And having a data layer that supports real-time applications is more important than ever. Performance matters. Your employees expect instant responses from internal applications. If a customer application lags, our competition is one click away.

To implement a real-time data layer, most organizations cobble together a Frankenstein solution by combining a primary database (such as Amazon Aurora, PostgreSQL, or MongoDB) with a secondary caching database to add a real-time acceleration, such as Redis. 

But to meet the requirements of today’s real-time user expectations, you need to reimagine the real-time data layer. With Redis Enterprise,  employing a primary database and enterprise cache within the same solution, with sub-millisecond responsiveness for a simplified and cost-effective real-time data layer.

Want to learn how? Visit us at booth #845 at re:Invent, or check out our re:Invent 2022 page

Visit our booth

Have questions about your real-time data layer? A team of experts is eager to answer questions about Redis. We’ll also showcase Redis Enterprise in action, with regular product demonstrations.

The solution architects at the booth will be happy to help you dive deep into the details of your application stack, too. Bring your technical questions (the hard ones!), so you can discover how best to use Redis Enterprise to meet your goals. 

Book a meeting with a Redis expert

Want more individual attention? Trying to organize your time at the conference? Schedule a meeting to speak with a Redis expert onsite at re:Invent. We look forward to learning more about your business and answering your questions about Redis.

Our technical session: The top 5 ways to reimagine your data layer with Redis 

The hottest show in Vegas will take place on Thursday, December 1, at 11:20 am in Lightning Theater Two. Come check out my session covering the top five ways to reimagine your data layer with Redis.

Among the topics I plan to discuss:

  • How to challenge assumptions that organizations need separate data platforms for cache and database or that they’re stuck using a complex platform with separate services for each data model
  • How to deploy real-time data in any environment without making data siloed and slow
  • How we defy the belief that greater performance comes with greater costs

Get cool swag – and maybe an Oculus Quest 2!

While you probably won’t win it big on the casino floor (the statistics are against you), we’re sure you’ll look like a million bucks in one of our Redis Geeks T-shirts. Stop by our booth to pick one up. Additionally, one lucky visitor to Redis’ booth will also walk away with an Oculus Quest 2

We can’t wait for re:Invent – and to talk with you!