RedisDays India: Live sessions from Bangalore now available

Couldn’t make it to RedisDays India in Bangalore last November? Catch up with these tech sessions by watching them online!

RedisDays is always a welcome occasion for people who use Redis. It’s a chance to learn how other companies are using the software, to learn practical techniques, and to talk techie with colleagues.

The RedisDays held in Bangalore was a day full of networking, with hundreds of guests in attendance. Primarily, it was an event packed with actionable insights from enthusiastic Redis customers based in India, such as AngelOne, Meesho, and RazorPay

Want to catch up on what you missed? We include six of the sessions below.

Udi Gotlieb: Real-time, right now!

Udi Gotlieb, Redis’s VP of Product Marketing, kicked off the RedisDays India sessions with a keynote that put the spotlight on India as a world leader in Redis adoption. “Over 10,000 students from India went through Redis University courses,” he said. “And this is the number one [region] in terms of attendance in the world. That represents a 40% growth in the number of students year over year.” 

In his keynote, Udi emphasized the considerable growth in Redis Cloud accounts coming out of India. “India is the global leader, with a growth of 10x between three years ago till today,” he said, “And that is what makes India our number one international market outside of the U.S.”

Watch this first of two RedisDays India keynotes to get the full picture of how Redis is helping leaders shape digital experiences.

Yiftach Shoolman: Real-time in Redis Enterprise

Just how popular is Redis? In the second keynote of the day, Redis CTO Yiftach Shoolman discussed Redis’ adoption and popularity. He shared some notable stats, such as Redis’ 2.33 million daily launches on Docker.

In this presentation, Yiftach illuminated Redis’s hyper-versatility and how it’s used for inventory management, cyber security, and making instant decisions on real-time data. Redis is a “real-time data platform,” he explained, with examples from its use as a caching system and a front-end database. “Use it for everything you want, and we will allow you to run it at speed, anywhere.”

AngelOne: A customer chat on Redis reliability with CTO Jyotiswarup Raiturkar

How are decision-makers in the financial sector using Redis, and what pain points does a real-time data platform need to resolve in 2023? When billion-dollar decisions have to be made in milliseconds, what are the non-negotiables every financial services team needs? Udi Gotlieb invited Jyotiswarup Raiturkar, CTO of stock brokerage firm AngelOne, to join him on stage at RedisDays India. They discussed evolutions in risk management, fraud detection, and cloud adoption. 

Watch this customer chat and see how AngelOne is using Redis to stay ahead.

Meesho: A customer chat on using Redis beyond cache for e-commerce

Meesho is an Indian resale retailer and, as its Chief Data Scientist Debdoot Mukherjee attested, the company is on a mission to make digital commerce a reality for the 700 million internet users in the country. 

In this customer chat, Debdoot showed Redis in action at Meesho. He described how Redis helps power the company’s sustained growth with the use of microservices and product aggregators. Debdoot also gave viewers a peek into the development of its artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) stack.

Razorpay: A customer chat about scaling payments with machine learning

Pranjal Yadav, the current Staff Data Scientist at Razorpay, is an AI industry thought leader. Yadav has worked with well-known brands, including Amazon, American Express, and Expedia.

In this session, Pranjal explained, “how [a] machine learning setup or a simple use of data can empower a thing as simple as a payment gateway.” He also described how Redis has helped Razorpay scale all its digital operations. 

Learn more about how machine learning is scaling digital payments with this final customer session.

Redis reliability with AngelOne CTO Jyotiswarup Raiturkar

AngelOne CTO Jyotiswarup Raiturkar wrapped up RedisDays India with a session about what he called “the most important feature you need in a product,” namely, reliability. As he mentions early in the presentation, “It doesn’t matter how fast it works if it’s not reliable.” 

With that, Jyotiswarup dives into a discussion about AngelOne, and how the fintech company (and the largest listed retail broker in India)  deals with everything from mutual funds to stocks to gold peer-to-peer lending. To provide millions of Indian citizens with the most reliable information, AngelOne uses Redis not just as a cache but also as a primary database.

Looking for more RedisDays content?

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