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How are today’s tech leaders staying up-to-date on the latest evolutions of real-time data? What developments, products, and best practices should modern digital businesses be harnessing to stay ahead of the pack in 2022 and beyond? Find your answers at this year’s RedisDays, the three-part virtual roadshow featuring informative sessions with members of the Redis community, including customers and data experts, highlighting the products and use cases that power the businesses modernizing today’s digital landscape.

RedisDays kicks off its three-part worldwide tour in London on Tuesday, March 15th, followed by a stop in San Francisco on Wednesday, March 23rd, ending in New York City on Thursday, March 31st. So what can attendees expect to see at RedisDays’ first stop in the United Kingdom? Take a look below at RedisDays London’s current run of show.

RedisDays London Sessions

WHEN: Tuesday, March 15  |  TIME: 9:00 AM GMT / 14:30 IST

The Age of Real-Time is Now. Accelerate or Get Disrupted

Ofer Bengal
Co-Founder & CEO, Redis

Tune in as Redis Co-Founder & CEO Ofer Bengal offers his insider perspective on how Redis’ technology is transforming all aspects of modern enterprise and helping digital leaders worldwide meet pressing demands in markets experiencing exponential growth. How are the keenest Redis users leveraging our technology to create household name applications? Watch and learn.

Session 2:
Accelerate Your Apps with the Real-Time JSON Document Store from Redis


Ash Sahu
Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Redis
Pieter Cailliau
Director of Product Management, Redis

What’s the trick to leaving noticeable latency issues behind and getting your customers, users, and clients to experience your applications with sub-millisecond responses? It’s the new reality thanks to products like RedisJSON document store. Hear from Redis’ product team on how our products are helping teams turn digital pipe-dreams into reality.

Session 3:
Best Practices to Modernize Your Data Architecture


David Loshin
President, Knowledge Integrity Inc.
Henry Tam
Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager, Redis

Is it possible to build a truly modern data architecture on the back of legacy technologies in the financial services industry? Is your data layer keeping you at the forefront of technology, or hindering your full potential? What happens when you overhaul your architecture with a multi-model real-time database like Redis Enterprise? Hear from President of Knowledge Integrity Inc., David Loshin, a well-known thought leader in data management and business intelligence, and Henry Tam, Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager at Redis, on the best practices and use cases for keeping up with the breakneck speed, scale, and demands of customers in modern digital financial services.

Session 4:
Real-Time Data Pipelines: NLP + Redis


Allen Terleto
Field CTO, Redis
Alex Mikhalev
AI/ML Architect, Nationwide Building Society

What does it take to design and build real-time Natural Language Processing (NLP) data pipelines? Take part in this fireside chat and listen in as our speakers dive deep into artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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