Redis Labs is headed to KubeCon and CloudNativeCon

This December, Redis — the company behind Redis — is headed to KubeCon and CloudNativeCon in Seattle. Redis is a NoSQL in-memory database and is known for its simplicity and efficient performance. Furthermore, Redis is also the most popular database on Stackoverflow and has surpassed one billion container downloads on Docker Hub. While in Seattle, our team will be showcasing the work that makes Redis Enterprise containers a great choice for developing containerized, stateful microservices on a cloud native platform like Kubernetes.

Our Enterprise product addresses the needs of cloud native production environments by providing multi-tenancy, high-availability and automatic failovers on cloud native platforms. We have enhanced the security of our managed Redis offering with Two-Factor authentication. We are working with our partners like RedHat and Pivotal to develop solutions for Kubernetes-based distributions like OpenShift and PKS. For our Redis Enterprise containerized release, we are leveraging Operators to offer a persistent stateful service for your containerized workloads and microservices.

Redis Enterprise is an excellent choice of database for your microservices. It supports multi-tenancy: you can configure multiple, isolated databases on a single Redis Enterprise cluster. You can run multiple database endpoints on a simple three-node cluster, allowing each microservice to access its respective database with minimal server infrastructure and/or operational overhead. Redis Enterprise’s Kubernetes integration includes:

  1. Redis Enterprise persistence, provided using Kubernetes StatefulSet and StorageClass.
  2. Redis Enterprise’s headless service  registered in the Kubernetes service catalog.
  3. The ability to manage a Redis Enterprise license using Kubernetes secrets primitive.
  4. Auto-bootstrapping multi-node Redis Enterprise clusters using Kubernetes secrets.
  5. Maintaining and upgrading Redis Enterprise using rolling upgrades.
Redis Enterprise Headless Service

Come to the Redis booth at KubeCon and CloudNativeCon to hear about new features of Redis, like the Redis Streams data structure, or how you can extend the functionality of Redis using modules like RediSearch and RedisGraph. If you would like to learn how your business can run Redis Enterprise on Kubernetes and/or OpenShift cluster, please don’t hesitate to stop by our booth! If you would like to start experimenting with our Redis Enterprise release for cloud native platforms, please contact us.