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Rediscover Real-Time Data at These 3 RedisConf 2021 Sessions

Rediscover the power of real-time data at RedisConf 2021. Our annual real-time data conference is going virtual again from April 20–21, where you’ll have an opportunity to dive into the latest product experiences, get hands-on training, network with other Redis pros, and show off your skills by participating in a $100,000 hackathon.

RedisConf 2021 will host more than 60 breakout sessions, with 25% led by Redis Enterprise customers. You’ll be able to learn about real-world use cases across three tracks:

  • Build with Redis, a track for developers. 
  • Operate Redis at Scale, for DevOps, IT Ops, and architects.
  • Redis Industry Solutions, which will explore how Redis is used to solve problems in retail, financial services, gaming, tech, and IoT shops. 

There’s something for everyone, and here’s your first look at three RedisConf 2021 sessions:  

Capital One: Next-generation digital payments

Speaker: Mike Lee, Head of Enterprise Payment Architecture at Capital One

Capital One is building a next-generation digital payments platform, which will process billions of transactions in Automatic Clearing House (ACH), wire transfers, and more. In this session, Capital One’s Head of Enterprise Payment Architecture Mike Lee will discuss why Capital One chose Redis Enterprise for this event-driven payment-processing workflow. 

Mike will discuss how Redis Enterprise delivered on its real-time data performance SLAs, provided cloud native high availability at every level of the platform, and met Capital One’s business continuity needs with the out-of-box, conflict-free, Active-Active deployment across the regional footprint.

SitePro: Leveraging Redis Enterprise with the TimeSeries module to streamline real-time IoT data analytics at scale

Speaker: Dustin Brown, Director of Technology at SitePro      

SitePro was created as an end-to-end system for oil and gas customers to reduce their environmental impact and function with greater operational awareness. Its mission-critical IoT platform is responsible for controlling and monitoring oilfield infrastructure. In his talk, SitePro’s Director of Technology Dustin Brown will explain why SitePro relies on RedisTimeSeries to provide real-time actionable data for its customers.

Dustin will offer a real-world case study and deep analysis of the module, explaining why it is a natural fit for supporting data collection from IoT sensors, using Redis at the edge to lower cost, and reducing processing time, as well as walk through tips and expectations for a successful production implementation. 

Verizon: Redis on the 5G Edge: practical advice for mobile edge computing 

Speakers: Robert Belson, Corporate Strategist at Verizon

High-speed 5G networks will unlock a new world of immersive experiences, but their development may create challenges within an application’s architecture. In this session, Robert Belson will discuss how you can use Verizon’s 5G Edge infrastructure to deploy compute resources geographically closer to your users than ever before using Wavelength Zones.

The duo will also dive into how Redis Enterprise enables an ultra-low latency caching solution as part of your mobile edge computing architecture. Plus, Belson will deploy a cluster to multiple Verizon 5G Edge Zones and will benchmark performance to traditional availability zones in the parent region.

Whether you’re brand new to Redis or a veteran, RedisConf 2021 will give you the opportunity to rediscover the power of real-time data. Don’t miss these breakout sessions and dozens more—plus exclusive new training courses and $100K hackathon—at our annual real-time data conference. Registration is open now!