Seamlessly deploy & manage your multicloud application

Multicloud is the new norm—don’t get left behind by slow, siloed data. Run the same application across multiple clouds with Redis Cloud.

Maximize innovation and protect your cloud investment

9 in 10 enterprises employ a multicloud strategy

Organizations are increasingly implementing hybrid and multicloud deployment strategies. Today, there’s an average of 2 public and 2 private clouds leveraged across the enterprise stack and 1 in 3 applications are built across multiple public clouds.

Versatility brings significant advantages

Multicloud allows businesses to operate with freedom, avoid data and vendor lock-in, increase resilience, and tailor each cloud’s best-in-breed services to workflows in their application portfolio.

Less than half of businesses integrate data between clouds

Each cloud or hybrid environment requires its own disparate data layer. This fragmentation leads to performance degradation, frequent data conflict issues, and a multitude of databases to manage across cloud providers and data use cases.

Redis Cloud is the only real-time multicloud data layer

Redis Cloud enables seamless multicloud deployments from a single console, provides a unified data layer across clouds with consistency, and delivers Redis’ sub-millisecond performance to power applications for the new data economy.

Eliminate the challenges of your real‑time multicloud applications

The benefits of Redis Cloud

Best-in-class performance

Redis Cloud delivers infinite linear scaling, splits loads across multiple cores on every compute node, automatically reshards and rebalances as you scale, and delivers sub-millisecond performance on all data types and models.

Seamless migration

Enable a seamless migration to the cloud with Redis Cloud’s Active-Passive technology or between clouds using Active-Active Geo-Replication.

Increased innovation

Maximize innovation utilizing each cloud’s best-in-breed capabilities for your individual applications or workflows, without fragmenting your data layer.

The most robust disaster recovery

While cloud services are highly resilient, outages do happen. A multicloud approach keeps your data available even during region or entire cloud outages, Redis Cloud delivers ultra-high availability with 99.999% uptime and robust backup, cluster-recovery, and disaster-recovery mechanisms.

Cost efficiency

A single EDP deal with Redis Cloud covers consumption commitments for multiple cloud providers, while providing a cost-effective solution for hosting large datasets by combining DRAM, SSD (Flash), and persistent memory.

Unify your clouds

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