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Join us at Redis Released

Redis Enterprise can be deployed on any cloud platform, on-premises, and in a multi-cloud or hybrid architecture. It is offered as a fully managed cloud service (DBaaS) on all three major public cloud platforms, or as software to deploy and manage yourself. Software options include Linux installers (multiple distributions), Amazon Machine Image (AMI),  Docker Containers, Kubernetes, RedHat OpenShift, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). Select the environment of your choice from the options below, or contact us for assistance from our solution architects team.


  • Fully managed cloud service in a dedicated or shared hosted environment
  • Available on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud
  • Can be migrated to your own virtual private cloud environment
  • On-demand or reserved (one-year) subscriptions
  • Support and customer-success packages available
  • Pay with your Google Cloud or AWS accounts and utilize existing commitment
  • Free tier!


  • Software you can install on any cloud or private data center
  • Downloadable, in containers, on OpenShift, or as AWS AMI
  • One-year subscriptions
  • Support and customer success packages available
  • 30-day free trial!