Redis reference

Specifications, patterns, internals, and optimization

ARM support

Exploring Redis on the ARM CPU Architecture

Redis client handling

How the Redis server manages client connections

Redis cluster specification

Detailed specification for Redis cluster

Redis command arguments

How Redis commands expose their documentation programmatically

Command key specifications

What are command key specification and how to use them in your client

Redis command tips



A guide to debugging Redis server processes

Redis and the Gopher protocol

The Redis Gopher protocol implementation

Redis internals

Documents describing internals in early Redis implementations

Redis modules API

Introduction to writing Redis modules

Optimizing Redis

Benchmarking, profiling, and optimizations for memory and latency

Redis programming patterns

Novel patterns for working with Redis data structures

RESP protocol spec

Redis serialization protocol (RESP) specification

Redis signal handling

How Redis handles common Unix signals

Sentinel client spec

How to build clients for Redis Sentinel