Redis Enterprise Extends Support to Google Cloud Anthos on the GKE Marketplace

With a single click on the GKE Marketplace, customers can flexibly deploy Redis Enterprise across hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Mountain View, April 21, 2021—Today at RedisConf 2021, Redis Labs, the home of Redis, announced private preview availability of Redis Enterprise on Anthos with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). With certification on Anthos, Redis Enterprise enables companies to extend a real-time data layer to on-premises, bare-metal, hybrid and multi-cloud environments while maintaining a GKE operational experience. Redis Enterprise will also be available on the GKE Marketplace to give customers the benefit of a consolidated billing experience and rapid deployment of Redis Enterprise with a single click, anywhere.

Designed for modern distributed applications, Redis Enterprise is ideal for developers and operations teams’ ability to deliver intelligent, high-performance, scalable, and resilient applications faster. By extending Redis Enterprise Kubernetes Operator’s availability to both Anthos and the GKE Marketplace, customers benefit from automated deployment and management of Redis Enterprise on Kubernetes and cloud technology. Now, more enterprise teams can accommodate many of the day-two operations needed for a successful and continued deployment of mission-critical workloads. 

“As enterprises transform their applications with cloud, hybrid, and microservices-driven initiatives, they need cloud-native data services that meet them where they are today to help them get to where they want to be tomorrow,” said Amiram Mizne, Director of Product Management at Redis Labs. “With today’s news, we are accelerating Google Cloud customers’ opportunity to make the most of Redis Enterprise anywhere, anytime.” 

According to Datadog’s November 2020 research, Redis is the leading container image running in Kubernetes StatefulSets. With today’s announcement, leveraging Redis Enterprise Kubernetes Operator, customers will have: 

“We are excited to expand our offerings with Redis Labs to further accelerate customers’ application modernization,” said Nima Badiey, Global Head of the Anthos Partner Program. “Redis Enterprise on Google Anthos and GKE gives customers the ability to deploy and run workloads in a consistent environment of their choosing, all while taking advantage of cloud technologies and global cluster management.” 

“As we worked to deliver a more customized and tailored experience for our customers, we needed a solution that allowed us to scale quickly with low overhead and low maintenance,” said Avneendra Arun, IT Director, Belk. “With GKE and Redis Enterprise we have a flexible, cost-effective solution that has been a wonderful combination, both quick to deploy and easy to maintain.”

To learn more and stay up-to-date with Redis Enterprise on Anthos or GKE, visit Redis Labs’ Google Cloud site and sign up for updates here

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