4 Reasons To Attend RedisDays 2022 Bangalore

It’s time to meet your peers in person! We’re excited to bring together the Redis community.

Architects, DevOps, and engineering leaders will meet on November 4 for RedisDays Bangalore. The free, in-person event can help attendees discover how to create software that gives its users joy. Or, if you prefer, to seamlessly provide real-time digital experiences to your customer base. But really, let’s go for joy.

There are plenty of technical reasons to attend, from Redis tips and tricks to learning about new-to-you features. You might be a Redis novice and need basic information to give you a head start. Or you may be experienced and ready to learn advanced techniques. We all want to unlock the full potential of our tools.

So it’s worthwhile to invest a day learning about real-time computing, database search capabilities, and software architecture design.

Up-level your Redis technical skills

Attending a conference is the ideal way to learn about the things that interest you, as well as new-to-you topics you hadn’t even thought to investigate. And there’s no better way to gain technical know-how than by listening to subject matter experts explain what something is, why it matters, and how to use it.

This event’s focal point is the design and implementation of real-time data layers. A range of speakers will demonstrate the how and why, with a demo station so you can ask follow-up questions from authoritative technologists.

Among the topics you can expect to hear about:

  • Making fast payments a reality, building on a legacy database
  • Deploying Redis as a critical pillar in a global service management platform
  • A comparison of database search options, along with when and how to choose each one
  • Real-world case studies showing how an organization uses Redis

Grow your personal network – and make friends

There are plenty of reasons to meet other humans in person – even if it means putting on grownup clothes once again. This event is not just about learning new techniques; it’s also about meeting and learning with your peers.

Attending RedisDays gives you an opportunity to meet people who care about the same things you do, whether it’s a shared passion for optimizing code or for a sports team. With all of the talent congregating at RedisDays, the event will be a melting pot of ingenuity. Connect with like-minded individuals, and expose yourself to an array of business opportunities that can propel your career forward. 

Sit next to someone whom you don’t know. Mingle. Chat. Maybe your new buddy’s company solved a technical problem that you’re struggling with. Perhaps a lunchtime conversation will inspire a design alternative. Or (just between us) a job change.

Striking new, genuine friendships in the industry is just as rewarding as it is conducive to career advancement. Having someone who is a friend as well as a professional to turn to for advice can keep you on track to achieving your goals. 

This is an opportunity for you to grow your personal brand. Perhaps it can help you get on the radar of industry professionals you admire.

Get inspired

Every year, RedisDays attracts tech talent who are making waves in the industry. RedisDays Bangalore is no different. 

There will be no shortage of brain power, so take advantage by discussing ideas, connecting with new ones, sharing key findings, asking questions, discovering new solutions, and unearthing new techniques. 

It’s an invaluable opportunity to see things in a new light. Rubbing shoulders with other great thinkers in the tech-sphere can only inspire you to grow and make greater strides in your career.

Enjoy a fun day out

We’re here to learn, but we’re also here to have fun. RedisDays Bangalore has dinner on the menu and entertainment on the schedule to tickle your funny bone. A comedy act and a meal to round out the day and inspire conversation into the evening!  You’ll learn a lot, and you’ll laugh a lot, too.

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