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RedisDays, the three-part virtual roadshow that spotlights the latest real-time data innovations at Redis, makes its first stateside stop in San Francisco, CA on Wednesday, March 23rd

Our San Francisco day will be 100% dedicated to developers. During the day, you’ll hear firsthand the latest developer Redis announcements, you’ll be able to tune into fireside chats, live demonstrations, and watch practical workshops on building Redis-based apps with newly introduced Redis tools.

Plus, attendees are automatically entered to win some incredible prizes. We are raffling off Oculus Quest 2™ VR systems and Nintendo Switches™ at the conclusion of each RedisDays, plus win gift cards (with mystery amounts ranging from $5 to $500) when you complete an event survey after watching the keynote or a customer session. Learn more about the scheduled sessions below and be sure to register for RedisDays New York City, taking place on Thursday, March 31st.

RedisDays San Francisco Sessions

WHEN: Wednesday, March 23  |  TIME: 9:00 AM PT

Building Real-Time Data Apps Just Got (Much) Easier

photo of yiftacch shoolman
Yiftach Shoolman
Co-Founder & CTO, Redis
photo of yossi gottlieb
Yossi Gottlieb
Chief Architect, Redis
pieter cailliau headshot
Pieter Cailliau
Director of Product Management, Redis

Join Redis Co-Founder and CTO, Yiftach Shoolman, as he and other Redis guests share the latest developments in the evolution of Redis with product updates primed for the Redis developer community.

Session 2:
Redis 7.0 Unpacked

photo of Itamar Haber
Itamar Haber
Technology Evangelist, Redis

Almost one year and the hard work of 160 developers later, Redis 7.0 has finally landed! Interested in all the capabilities Redis 7.0 has in store? Tune in and listen to Redis’ Itamar Haber, Madelyn Olson, and Oran Agra unpack everything from Redis functions, access control lists (ACLs), scalable Pub/Sub, and more.

Session 3
Buckle Up: The Wild Ride Into the New World of Redis Development

photo of Elena Kolevska
Elena Kolevska
Technical Enablement Manager, EMEA, Redis

Curious about harnessing the power of Redis to develop real-time data apps in a fast, efficient, and simple-to-use way? Watch as Elena Kolevska demonstrates how to build apps, like fraud detection engines and analytics engines, using brand new Redis capabilities – in a snap. 

Session 4:
The Database and the Developer Experience

photo of Steve O'Grady
Steve O’Grady
Co-Founder, RedMonk

Traditionally, developers are tasked with building infrastructures using any number of services – this product for databases, this product for caching, etc. This has given way to overly complex systems, which take a toll on speed. So how can developers pivot to a streamlined and fully integrated real-time database platform? Listen in as RedMonk’s Steve O’Grady shares how the database market has changed and what it means for present-day developers. 

Session 5:
Building a Digital Muscle in the World of Beauty

photo of Omar Koncobo
Omar Koncobo
IT Director, E-commerce/Digital Systems
Ulta Beauty
photo of Udi Gotlieb
Udi Gotlieb
VP, Enterprise Product Marketing, Redis

How does open source help drive innovation in creating unique shopping experiences in brick-and-mortar and digital stores within the beauty industry? Sit in on this fireside chat between Redis’ Udi Gotlieb and Omar Koncobo, IT Director of E-commerce and Digital Systems at Ulta Beauty.

Session 6:
Bootiful Spring Data Redis

photo of josh long
Josh Long
Spring Dev Advocate, VMware
photo of Brian Sam-Bodden
Brian Sam-Boden
Dev Advocate, Redis

How has Redis upped its developer offering? It’s all about providing the tools necessary to build faster by being more flexible with your data types. Hear from VMware’s Josh Long and Redis’ Brian Sam-Boden on how to get search, JSON documents, key-value data, streams, graph data, and more at your fingertips, to help you build better schemas to synthesize your data.

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