Meet Our re:Invent Tesla Sweepstakes Winner

“Being an enterprise architect, I’ve always been looking out for something radically different. I’m very passionate about startups because they break the traditional model. I’ve been following Redis for a long time,” says Rameshwar Balanagu, the lucky winner of our re:Invent Tesla sweepstakes.

Rameshwar Balanagu is a Director of Digital Strategy & Enterprise Architecture. To celebrate his win, Redis announced him as the recipient of his very own Tesla at the end of our RedisDays London virtual event.

Just before RedisDays London, Rameshwar sat down with Redis CMO Mike Anand to chat about his fateful win (“the sweepstakes was an accidental thing!”), what he plans to do with his new vehicle with Autopilot features (“My wife is actually scared of freeways, so I was telling her, ‘This could be a way for you to get on the freeway!’”), and his thoughts on Redis as a real-time data layer. “Coming from a traditional database world, we had these key-value, NoSQL databases, but if you ask me as an enterprise architect, there’s a long way to go. You need ways to accelerate and the fact is that not every company is ready for modernization.”

Meet our lucky Tesla winner and catch highlights from his conversation with Redis CMO Mike Anand below. Congratulations Rameshwar!