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Searching and querying Redis data

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The enhanced Redis experience with Redis Stack provides querying capabilities, secondary indexing, full-text search, vector similarity search, and more. To use these features, you first declare indices on your Redis data and then use the query language to retrieve the data asset that your application requires. All future data will also be indexed automatically.

Primary features

We support the following search an query features:

  • Secondary indexing
  • Multi-field queries
  • Aggregation
  • Full-text indexing of multiple fields in a document
  • Incremental indexing without performance loss
  • Document ranking (provided manually by the user at index time)
  • Boolean queries with AND, OR, NOT operators between subqueries
  • Optional query clauses
  • Prefix-based searches
  • Field weights
  • Auto-complete suggestions (with fuzzy prefix suggestions)
  • Exact phrase search and slop-based search
  • Stemming-based query expansion for many languages (using Snowball)
  • Support for custom functions for query expansion and scoring (see Extensions)
  • Numeric filters and ranges
  • Geofiltering using Redis geo commands
  • Vector similarity search for semantic search using exact and approximate algorithms
  • Unicode support (UTF-8 input required)
  • Retrieval of full document contents or only their IDs
  • Document deletion and updating with index garbage collection

JSON documents

When combined with the Redis JSON module, (included with Redis Stack) Redis can index and query JSON documents.

To learn how to search and query your JSON documents, see Indexing JSON documents.

Cluster support

The search and query features of Redis Stack are also available for distributed databases that can scale to billions of documents and hundreds of servers.

Commercial support

Commercial support for Redis Stack is provided by Redis Ltd. See the Redis Ltd. website for more details and contact information.

Supported platforms

Redis Stack is developed and tested on Linux and macOS on x86_64 CPUs.

Atom CPUs are not supported.



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Mailing list / forum

Got questions? Feel free to ask at the Search and Query forum.


Redis Source Available License 2.0 (RSALv2) or the Server Side Public License v1 (SSPLv1) - see LICENSE

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