Advanced concepts

Details about query syntax, aggregation, scoring, and other search and query options

Redis Stack supports the following search and query features. This article provides you an overview.

Indexing features

  • Secondary indexing
  • Vector indexing
  • Index on JSON documents
  • Full-text indexing of multiple fields in a document
  • Incremental indexing without performance loss
  • Document deletion and updating with index garbage collection

Query features

  • Multi-field queries
  • Query on JSON documents
  • Aggregation
  • Boolean queries with AND, OR, and NOT operators between subqueries
  • Optional query clauses
  • Retrieval of full document contents or only their IDs
  • Exact phrase search and slop-based search
  • Numeric filters and ranges
  • Geo-filtering using Redis geo commands
  • Vector search

Full-text search features

Cluster support

The search and query features of Redis Stack are also available for distributed databases that can scale to billions of documents and hundreds of servers.

Supported platforms

Redis Stack is developed and tested on Linux and macOS on x86_64 CPUs.

Atom CPUs are not supported.

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