Redis DEVcember

Suze Shardlow
Suze Shardlow, Developer Community Manager at Redis
Simon Prickett
Simon Prickett, Principal Developer Advocate at Redis

What's it all About?#

We're excited to announce DEVcember, a month-long festival of live online events and fun challenges, showcasing Redis and our community!

Join us on Twitch or YouTube for a daily 15-20 minute live stream on Monday to Friday where we'll introduce Redis concepts, share projects that you can contribute to and have some fun banter. For Saturday and Sunday, we’ll give you a mini challenge to complete.

Don't worry if you miss a stream - we'll post them on YouTube and embed them in the schedule below.

The fun begins Wednesday 1st December 2021 at 9am UTC.

Live Schedule#

We'll be on the Redis channel on Twitch and YouTube each working day in December… times will vary and we'll update the schedule below daily, revealing each day's topic as we go.



Join Us!

Wed 1 Dec, 9am UTC

Welcome to DEVcember, Get Started with Redis in the Cloud

Thu 2 Dec, 10.30am UTC

Up and Running with RedisInsight

Fri 3 Dec, 8pm UTC

The Redis List goes on and on!

Sat 4 / Sun 5 Dec

First weekend hands-on exercise

Mon 6 Dec, 4:30pm UTC

Let's try out Redis OM for Python

Tue 7 Dec, 5pm UTC

The Scoop on Big O Notation

Wed 8 Dec, 4:30pm UTC

Get! Set! Go!

Thu 9 Dec, 10:30am UTC

Have I Seen You Before? Introducing Bloom Filters

Fri 10 Dec, 6pm UTC

You Can (Mostly) Count on Hyperloglog!

Sat 11 / Sun 12 Dec

Second weekend hands-on exercise

Mon 13 Dec, 4pm UTC

Sort it out! All about Sorted Sets

Tue 14 Dec, 4:45pm UTC

What's the Score? Top K with Redis Bloom!

Wed 15 Dec, 10am UTC

Seek and You May Find… Introducing Redis Search! (Part 1)

Wed 15 Dec, 10am UTC

Seek and You May Find… Introducing Redis Search! (Part 2)

Thu 16 Dec, 3:45pm UTC

Introducing Redis OM for Node.js

Fri 17 Dec, 4pm UTC

Object Mapping and More! Redis OM for .NET

Sat 18 / Sun 19 Dec

Third weekend hands-on exercise

Mon 20 Dec, 1pm UTC

Don't Cross the (Redis) Streams!

Tue 21 Dec, 5pm UTC

What's the deal with Pub/Sub?

Wed 22 Dec, 5:15pm UTC

Spring into Redis OM! (Redis OM for Java/Spring Framework)

Thu 23 Dec, 5pm UTC

Finding your way with Redis Geospatial!

Fri 24 Dec, 9:15am UTC

Herding Cats with Redis JSON

Meet the Team#

Your regular presenters are:

Suze Shardlow, Developer Community Manager#

Suze leads developer community at Redis. She’s a software engineer, published tech author and event MC who has spoken at several global tech conferences. When she’s not talking databases and putting together content, she loves crafting!

Justin Castilla, Developer Advocate#

Justin is a Developer Advocate at Redis. He has helped to produce several courses at Redis University and has created numerous videos for the Redis YouTube channel.

Simon Prickett, Developer Advocacy Manager#

Simon Prickett is the Developer Advocacy Manager at Redis. He began his career writing C++ for Hewlett-Packard Labs, and has subsequently held senior roles with companies ranging from startups to enterprises including Capital One, USA Today, and New Zealand’s Customs Service. Away from professional life Simon enjoys traveling, cycling, and building devices with microcontrollers.

We'll also feature guest appearances from other members of the Redis developer relations team!

Join the Fun!#

Be sure to follow us on Twitch to be notified when we're online! We'd also love to see you on the Redis Discord, where there's a dedicated channel for all things DEVcember. This is where you can chat with us throughout the day and get help and information about the fun Redis commands / coding challenges we'll post for you to try on weekends.

If you're on Twitter, use hashtag #RedisDEVcember to join the conversation.

Learn More#

To learn more about Redis and get yourself a certificate that you can add to your LinkedIn profile, check out our free online courses at Redis University which are available all year round. There's something for everyone!