The CLIENT LIST command returns information and statistics about the client connections server in a mostly human readable format.

*Return value

Bulk string reply: a unique string, formatted as follows:

Here is the meaning of the fields:

The client flags can be a combination of:

O: the client is a slave in MONITOR mode
S: the client is a normal slave server
M: the client is a master
x: the client is in a MULTI/EXEC context
b: the client is waiting in a blocking operation
i: the client is waiting for a VM I/O (deprecated)
d: a watched keys has been modified - EXEC will fail
c: connection to be closed after writing entire reply
u: the client is unblocked
A: connection to be closed ASAP
N: no specific flag set

The file descriptor events can be:

r: the client socket is readable (event loop)
w: the client socket is writable (event loop)


New fields are regularly added for debugging purpose. Some could be removed in the future. A version safe Redis client using this command should parse the output accordingly (i.e. handling gracefully missing fields, skipping unknown fields).

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