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Simplify your on-premise to cloud or cloud-to-cloud migration with Redis Cloud services

The data layer built to reinvigorate your hybrid and multicloud strategy

Migrating to the cloud comes with huge data challenges.

As you migrate to the cloud your data becomes fragmented across your environments, and grows exponentially as you add cloud use cases. On average, organizations need three different databases to manage data across hybrid and public clouds.

Avoid vendor lock-in and unify your data as you migrate to the cloud—with Redis Cloud.

Top five benefits of adopting a cloud migration proof data layer

Migrating to the cloud doesn’t have to be painful.

Learn how to ease your move to the cloud, avoid common migration data obstacles, and unlock the full and lasting value of the cloud.

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Top 5 benefits of adopting a cloud migration proof data layer e-book

Download the top 5 benefits of adopting a cloud migration proof data layer e-book now!

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Migrate to the cloud with confidence

Migrating to the cloud is no trivial task. Building your infrastructure and application strategy is often top of mind, but defining your data layer strategy is just as critical. Companies must rethink their data layer strategy as they migrate to the cloud to be successful. Migrating to the cloud comes with new risks and challenges. Redis Cloud is a future-proof cloud-native Database-as-a-Service that unifies your hybrid- and multicloud data layer. With high availability (99.999% uptime) and instant failover, you can rest easy as you shift critical data from on-premises environments to the cloud or across clouds.

The tools for migration success

With differentiated Active-Passive replica-of technology, Redis Enterprise can make your migration to the cloud seamless with zero data loss, high availability, and extremely low data latency—your customers never experience a disruption in service while you transition. Maintain your legacy applications with Redis Enterprise Software while scaling up your cloud applications with fully managed Redis Cloud on the public cloud of your choice: Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or Amazon Web Services. Learn how ShareChat, a Redis customer, used Redis Cloud to complete one of the largest cloud migrations in India.

Key features


Unify data across hybrid, multicloud, and the globe

  • Active-Passive (Replica-of) technology allows for seamless migration
  • Active-Active CRDT allows for seamless conflict resolution
  • Local read AND write latency across clouds and geos 
  • Disaster recovery, instant failover between regions/clouds/hybrid

True high availability

  • Single-digit-seconds auto-failover time
  • Auto-cluster recovery
  • Configurable persistency

Built for cloud speed and elasticity

  • Sub-millisecond performance for real-time apps
  • Automatic re-sharding and rebalancing
  • 200M ops per second

Fully managed across any cloud

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