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Redis Enterprise and Oracle

Make Oracle applications faster and less expensive with Redis Enterprise

Redis Enterprise raises Oracle application performance to the standard expected by today’s customers. As an in-memory real-time data platform, Redis Enterprise can be used alongside Oracle as a cache or replica database with enhanced functionality to make applications faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective.

Break free of Oracle’s limitations with Redis Enterprise

Today’s applications are faster, more powerful, and routinely capable of doing things that were considered extraordinary just a few years ago. But if you’re running Oracle applications, chances are your database is limiting your application modernization initiative. There is an easy solution: Redis Enterprise. Redis Enterprise can work alongside your Oracle database, enabling you to operate your more mature existing applications with the scalability, resilience, flexibility, and sub-millisecond performance needed to power today’s most cutting-edge applications.

Real-time speed for a real-time world
Redis Enterprise works alongside Oracle to add sub-millisecond performance for real-time application experiences. Not only does this provide better user experiences, it allows businesses to unlock new use-cases with their data.

Use less Oracle and save money
Redis Enterprise can offload reads and writes from Oracle, allowing you to use Oracle only when necessary. This reduces Oracle infrastructure and license expenses all while boosting performance.

Support application modernization
Free your Oracle data to move to hybrid or multicloud architectures or support application modernization with a cloud-agnostic data layer that unifies data across all your environments, regardless of data type

Redis Enterprise has helped hundreds of customers overcome their database limitations

Discover how Freshworks initially used Redis Enterprise to improve performance of an ailing relational database and how they’ve expanded by using Redis Enterprise to power modern use-cases like microservices and real-time analytics.

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Learn how Deutsche Borse used Redis Enterprise and Oracle to power the real-time data reporting on data needed to meet compliance requirements.

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On-Demand Webinar

Learn how MyTeam11 overcame the limitations of their relational database with Redis Enterprise.

Oracle and Redis Enterprise, synchronized

Automatically capture, transform, and load data from Oracle into Redis Enterprise

Redis Enterprise can be inserted between your application and your database with no disruption to your application, little-to-no code changes, and no issues with data consistency. With Redis Enterprise, data can be propagated, transformed, and synchronized between your system of record in Oracle and your in-memory data platform in Redis Enterprise.

Discover official Oracle support for Redis in GoldenGate for Big Data

How customers modernize Oracle applications with Redis Enterprise

There are many ways to use Redis Enterprise to make Oracle applications faster, less expensive, and capable of powering modern workloads that process large volumes of data in real-time. Redis Enterprise is commonly used alongside Oracle as an in-memory database and cache to perform sub-millisecond reads and writes, provide real-time search to power secondary key queries, and enable modernized business applications.

Secondary key queries

Performing queries on secondary keys can be incredibly time-consuming in Oracle. Redis Enterprise is commonly used for secondary indexing to build relationships between records and to perform data queries (beyond primary keys) in real-time, all while keeping your raw data in Oracle.

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Cache prefetching

Cache prefetching is a technique where data is written to its original slower database (Oracle) and then pre-loaded into a much faster in-memory database, like Redis Enterprise, before your application needs it. This approach to offload reads to Redis Enterprise boosts application speed and lowers costs by reducing Oracle usage.

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Caching using CQRS pattern

CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) is an application architecture pattern often used in cache prefetching solutions. CQRS is a critical pattern within microservice architectures that decouple reads (queries) and writes (commands). Oracle and Redis Enterprise can use this pattern to have an application write only to Oracle while prefetching reads into Redis Enterprise. Then, have the application read from data cached in-memory within Redis Enterprise for far better read performance

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Write-behind caching

Oracle typically struggles in high write throughput scenarios when applications have a large volume of transactions that need to be processed in real time and updated in multiple tables. Redis Enterprise can be used as a write-behind cache, receiving and processing thousands of write requests in sub-milliseconds, and asynchronously updating any subsequent tables in Oracle.

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Distribute a unified dataset to power modern applications

Redis Enterprise can be used to help Oracle applications grow beyond their limits. Active-Active Geo Distribution enables multiple primary Redis Enterprise clusters, distributed across deployment environments and geographies, to accept reads and writes simultaneously. And this combination of real-time speed, distribution, and data consistency allows Redis Enterprise to provide truly unified hybrid and multicloud Oracle applications.

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Redis Enterprise and Oracle in action

Power more responsive user sessions

Cache data from Oracle to Redis Enterprise to provide sub-millisecond access to user session data to power instant customer experiences.

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Process financial transactions in real-time

Use Redis Enterprise as a write-behind cache to power financial transactions in real time while asynchronously updating your system of record in Oracle.

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Add AI to your Oracle data

Add modern use-cases like real-time AI/ML to your dataset in Oracle. Caching data into Redis Enterprise provides the speed needed by a feature store to power real-time fraud detection, claims processing, and more.

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Report and analyze business data in real-time

Gain new real-time insights from years of business data stored in Oracle. Cache it into Redis Enterprise and gain the sub-millisecond speed needed to power business intelligence and analytics.

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Faster Oracle applications, wherever

Use Redis Enterprise wherever your Oracle application is deployed. Send data from an Oracle DB or Oracle Cloud to Redis Enterprise clusters hosted on-premises or in Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Google Cloud.

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