Redis Labs’ Extreme Performance and Flexible Data Structures Wins Over Freshworks

Redis Enterprise Database-as-a-Service powers Freshworks’ lightning-fast application delivery, driving superior customer experience

Mountain View, September 12, 2018—Redis, the home of Redis and provider of Redis Enterprise, today announced deployment of its Database-as-a-Service offering for new use cases at Freshworks, a global leader in customer engagement software. Freshworks has realized exponential growth year over year and recently closed a funding round with a valuation of $1.5 billion. More than 150,000 organizations use Freshworks’ cloud-based suite of business software globally.

This extraordinary growth, spurred by the rapid adoption of its flagship Freshdesk product and the addition of several new products, was straining the capabilities of Freshworks’ application architecture and development operations. Freshworks needed to reduce the burden on its primary MySQL database, but was finding that its current caching solution, provided by Amazon ElastiCache, and did not meet their development needs.

“Amazon ElastiCache didn’t support live migrations so if we wanted to migrate data from one instance to another, several weeks of effort were required in order to avoid downtime,” says Naren Janakiraman, director, engineering at Freshworks. “Speed and flexibility in development and operational simplicity were important to us and that’s why we chose Redis.”

The company set out to find a database solution that ensured high availability and seamless database experience as an infrastructure service for its developers, that could dynamically scale, guarantee high availability, deliver top end performance and ultimately decrease the burden of their existing MySQL database.

“With a native Database-as-a-Service that runs in on AWS cloud, Redis Enterprise offers the best of all worlds,” said Janakiraman. “We have access to the highest in-memory performance available on the market today, flexible data structures for extreme efficiency across a wide variety of use cases, and fully managed operations that speed up, rather than slow down application delivery. Every request that comes into Freshdesk touches Redis Enterprise in one way or another.”

Freshworks uses Redis Enterprise for metering, as a persistent data store, a session store for authenticating microservices, and as a front-end cache for its MySQL database. Redis Enterprise enabled seamless, zero-downtime expansion of service across multiple regions as well as seamless and limitless scale with dramatically improved request and response times for Freshworks. In addition to these benefits, Redis provided Freshworks with a comprehensive front-end solution which supports atomic operations with sophisticated data structures to provide high performance caching and other critical front-end database services.

As a fully managed Database-as-a-Service offering, Redis Enterprise comes without any operational headaches. Its automated scaling, failover, cluster creation, persistence, and high availability were huge selling points for Freshworks as it contemplated an upcoming expansion from three to five regions.

“Most organizations gravitate to Redis for its unmatched performance, scalability and simplicity when rolling out new, business-critical customer-facing applications requiring that instant experience,” says Manish Gupta, CMO at Redis. “We are excited to reduce operational headaches for Freshworks with our fully managed Database-as-a-Service offering. Its automated scaling, failover, cluster creation, persistence, and high availability ensure that Freshworks’ growth requirements will be met seamlessly well into the future.”

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