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Redis vs Memcached

Growth happens. Use a caching solution that can grow with your business.

Why Redis Open Source over Memcached

Redis and Memcached are popular, open-source, in-memory data stores. Memcached is a cache-focused key/value store. Redis is also a key/value store often used for caching, but is also often utilized as a primary database or a message broker and offers a clear growth path to an enterprise-hardened solution.

You’ll eventually outgrow both Redis open source and Memcached as your business grows and will require an enterprise solution. Start with the open source caching solution that provides a clear path to an enterprise-hardened solution.

Redis Enterprise can be leveraged as a self-managed or a DBasS platform that unlocks the full potential of Redis at enterprise scale.

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Redis Enterprise has high availability, robust resilience, best-in-class performance with linear scalability, and purpose-built data models, making it ideally suited to power globally distributed applications across any industry.

How does Redis compare to Memcached?

Use a solution that is more than just a cache and comes with data replication, persistence and scalability.

MemcachedRedis Open SourceRedis Enterprise
Boost app performance
Scale with read-replica caching
Support enterprise caching (write-behind, write-through)
BuildGUI with predefined developer guides and tools
Multiple Data Models
Rapid development with out-of-the-box object mapping libraries for Spring, ASP.NET Core, Fast API, and Express
Build any real-time app with extended data models and processing engine support (JSON, search, time series, graph)
Ingest data from external data sources
DeployHybrid deployments
Multi-cloud deployments
Deliver consistent real-time customer experience with globally geo-distributed databases
Database and cluster management (scaling, re-sharding, re-balancing)
RunHigh availability and disaster recovery management
Comprehensive documentation
Enterprise-grade customer support

See how Redis open source and Memcached compare in more detail

Choose the right database: Redis open source or Redis Enterprise

Redis Enterprise enables:

Uninterrupted high availability

Safeguard your most critical data from interruption with automatic failover and a 99.999% Service Level Agreement that guarantees under 30 seconds of downtime per month.

Real-time performance at any scale

Scale linearly to increase cache throughput without increasing management overhead, achieving sub-millisecond latency at virtually any scale.

A unified hybrid and multicloud data layer

Support modern architectures with a unified real-time data layer that deploys on premises, in a single cloud, or across your hybrid and multicloud environments.

Global scale with low local latency

Deploy a unified multi-region cache that enables you to scale globally in real-time, avoiding latency as data travels across regions.

Support from the best at Redis

Be prepared for the unexpected with the most knowledgeable enterprise-grade support, provided by the creators of Redis.

Cost efficiency to cache more data at a lower cost

Cut costs with better resource utilization and intelligent tiering that maintains performance by only using expensive RAM where you really need it.