Redis Enterprise Software logs on Kubernetes

This section provides information about how logs are stored and accessed.


Each redis-enterprise container stores its logs under /var/opt/redislabs/log. When using persistent storage this path is automatically mounted to the redis-enterprise-storage volume. This volume can easily be accessed by a sidecar, i.e. a container residing on the same pod.

For example, in the REC (Redis Enterprise Cluster) spec you can add a sidecar container, such as a busybox, and mount the logs to there:

  - name: busybox
    image: busybox
      - /bin/sh
      - -c
      - while true; do echo "hello"; sleep 1; done

    - name: redis-enterprise-storage
      mountPath: /home/logs
      subPath: logs

Now the logs can be accessed from in the sidecar. For example by running

kubectl exec -it <pod-name> -c busybox tail home/logs/supervisord.log

The sidecar container is user determined and can be used to format, process and share logs in a specified format and protocol.

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