Install Redis Stack from binaries

How to install Redis Stack using tarballs

Start Redis Stack Server

Install the openssl libraries for your platform. For example, on a Debian or Ubuntu instance run:

sudo apt install libssl-dev

After untarring or unzipping your redis-stack-server download, you can start Redis Stack Server as follows:


Add the binaries to your PATH

You can add the redis-stack-server binaries to your $PATH as follows:

Open the file ~/.bashrc or ~/zshrc (depending on your shell), and add the following lines.

export PATH=/path/to/redis-stack-server/bin:$PATH

If you have an existing Redis installation on your system, then you can choose override those override those PATH variables as before, or you can choose to only add redis-stack-server binary as follows:

export PATH=/path/to/redis-stack-server/bin/redis-stack-server:$PATH

If you're running redis-stack-server on a mac, please ensure you have openssl installed, via homebrew.

Now you can start Redis Stack Server as follows:

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