RedisGraph is a queryable graph database built on Redis.

RedisGraph is the first queryable Property Graph database to use sparse matrices to represent the adjacency matrix in graphs and linear algebra to query the graph.

Primary features

  • Based on the Property Graph Model
    • Nodes (vertices) and Relationships (edges) that may have attributes
    • Nodes that can be labeled
    • Relationships have a relationship type
  • Graphs represented as sparse adjacency matrices
  • Cypher as query language
    • Cypher queries translated into linear algebra expressions


See Graph commands for a list of graph commands that are supported in Redis Enterprise.


For a list of available RedisGraph clients, see RedisGraph client libraries.


See Configuration parameters for the complete list of RedisGraph configuration parameters.

To learn which configuration parameters are supported in Redis Enterprise, see Graph configuration compatibility with Redis Enterprise.


For an overview of RedisGraph's design, see RedisGraph: A High Performance In-Memory Graph Database.

Client specification

RedisGraph client libraries should follow the Technical specification for writing RedisGraph client libraries.

Result set structure

RedisGraph result set structure describes the format RedisGraph uses to print data when using redis-cli.

GRAPH.BULK endpoint

You can import new graphs from CSV files using redisgraph-bulk-loader.

See the GRAPH.BULK implementation details for more information.

Data types

RedisGraph supports a number of distinct data types, including:

  • Graph types:

    • Nodes
    • Relationships
    • Paths
  • Scalar types:

    • Strings
    • Booleans
    • Integers
    • Floating-point values
    • Geospatial points
    • Null
  • Collection types:

    • Arrays
    • Maps

See RedisGraph data types for details.

Cypher coverage

RedisGraph implements a subset of the Cypher language. See Cypher coverage for more information.

Path algorithms

To learn how to find single-pair and single-source paths using algo.SPpaths and algo.SSpaths, see Path algorithms.

Known limitations

RedisGraph has several known limitations.

More info

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