Graph commands

Lists graph commands and provides links to the command reference pages.

The following table lists graph commands. See the command links for more information about each command's syntax, arguments, and examples.

Command Redis Enterprise Software Redis Cloud
Flexible & Annual
Redis Cloud
Free & Fixed
GRAPH.CONFIG GET ❌ Not supported ⚠️ Not supported2 ❌ Not supported Returns the current value of a RedisGraph configuration parameter.
GRAPH.CONFIG SET ⚠️ Not supported1 ⚠️ Not supported2 ❌ Not supported Changes the value of a RedisGraph configuration parameter.
GRAPH.DELETE ✅ Supported ✅ Supported ✅ Supported Removes the graph and its entities.
GRAPH.EXPLAIN ✅ Supported ✅ Supported ✅ Supported Displays the query execution plan but does not run the query.
GRAPH.LIST ✅ Supported ✅ Supported ✅ Supported Lists all graph keys.
GRAPH.PROFILE ✅ Supported ✅ Supported ✅ Supported Runs a query and displays the execution plan with metrics for each operation.
GRAPH.QUERY ✅ Supported ✅ Supported ✅ Supported Runs a query against a graph. Supports a variety of clauses and functions.
GRAPH.RO_QUERY ✅ Supported ✅ Supported ✅ Supported Runs a read-only query against a graph.
GRAPH.SLOWLOG ✅ Supported ✅ Supported ✅ Supported Returns the slowest 10 queries run against a specific graph.
  1. Use rladmin or the REST API to change RedisGraph configuration for Redis Enterprise Software. See RedisGraph configuration compatibility with Redis Enterprise for more information and examples.

  2. Contact support to view the current RedisGraph configuration values or request configuration changes for Flexible or Annual Redis Cloud subscriptions.

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