Install RedisGears and the JVM plugin

Before you can use RedisGears with the JVM, you need to install the RedisGears module and JVM plugin on your Redis Enterprise cluster and enable them for a database.


  1. Redis Enterprise v6.0.12 or later

  2. Created a Redis Enterprise cluster

  3. Added nodes to the cluster

  4. Installed RedisGears and the JVM plugin

Enable RedisGears for a database

  1. From the Redis Enterprise admin console's databases page, select the Add button to create a new database:

    The Add icon
  2. Confirm that you want to create a new Redis database with the Next button.

  3. On the create database page, give your database a name.

  4. For Redis Modules, select the Add button and choose RedisGears from the Module dropdown list.

  5. Select Add Configuration, enter Plugin gears_jvm in the box, then select the OK button:

    The Save icon
    You can configure additional JVM options in this box. For example:

    Plugin gears_jvm JvmOptions '-Dproperty1=value1 -Dproperty2=value2'
  6. Select the Activate button.

Verify the install

Run the RG.JSTATS command from a database shard to view statistics and verify that you set up RedisGears and the JVM plugin correctly:

$ shard-cli 3> RG.JSTATS
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