Redis Labs Introduces RediSearch, a Powerful Module for the Redis Platform

The company also announces a global hackathon to accelerate community innovation with Redis modules

Mountain View, October 4, 2016—Redis, the home of Redis, today introduced RediSearch, a new Redis module that enables full-text search with Redis. RediSearch is now available at the Redis Module Hub and is benchmarked to be up to five times faster than specialized search software like ElasticSearch and Solr. RediSearch is an example of how the power of Redis Modules can solve complex problems like search with simplicity and industry leading performance.

The Redis Modules API, announced in May at RedisConf 2016, provides a powerful new way to extend Redis to a wide variety of use cases and implementation models. Redis also announced the first-ever Redis Module Global Hackathon, which will bring together the best minds in the community to pioneer the development of novel Redis modules and solve complex data problems in groundbreaking ways.

The Redis Module Global Hackathon registration is now open and the submissions will conclude on November 12th. The event is expected to bring together over 500 teams from around the world. With associated onsite hackathons in San Francisco and Tel Aviv, the Redis community will develop original new modules for the Redis platform, giving developers the opportunity to show case their skills, expand the platform’s applicability and leverage the versatility and high performance of Redis to create inventive solutions for modern data challenges. Participants will be eligible to win up to a total of $10,000 in cash prizes. Grand prize winners will be announced on November 17th.

“The Redis Module Global Hackathon is an exciting new opportunity for the Redis community,” said Itamar Haber, Chief Developer Advocate at Redis. “We expect to foster several innovations like RediSearch at our first ever global community hackathon, extending the applicability and usage of Redis to an infinite amount of use cases.”

Open source libraries like ReSearch support advanced search use cases with Redis today. The new RediSearch module implements a search engine on top of Redis with inverted indexes stored on top of Redis strings using the module’s DMA method. Redis’ benchmarks showcase even this early version of the RediSearch module outperforming specialty search engines on both simple and complex full text search scenarios such as simple queries, phrase matches, auto-complete and prefix searches.

RediSearch includes expansive pre-built functionality such as document and field scoring, numeric filtering of results and by specific properties, exact phrase match, query expansion using stemming, and auto-suggestions to increase efficiency and implement search. RediSearch can be used to search documents stored in Redis or in any other database.

RediSearch is available at: A full list of features is available in this benchmark whitepaper.

To learn more about the Redis Module global hackathon, please visit:

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