Pulumi provider for Redis Cloud

Explains how to use Pulumi to provision Redis Cloud infrastructure

Pulumi is an automation tool that allows you to easily provision infrastructure as code. Pulumi allows developers to write infrastructure code using programming languages rather than using domain-specific languages.

With the Redis Cloud Resource Provider, you can create Redis Cloud resources in a programming language. The Pulumi Redis Cloud Provider supports the following programming languages:

  • TypeScript
  • Python
  • C#
  • Java
  • Go
  • YAML

The Redis Cloud Pulumi provider is based on the Redis Cloud Terraform provider.

The Redis Cloud Pulumi Redis Cloud provider supports Redis Cloud Pro. It does not support Redis Cloud Essentials.

See Get started with Pulumi for an example of how to use the Pulumi provider with Python.

Resources and functions

Pulumi resources represent the fundamental units that make up cloud infrastructure. A provider can make functions available in its SDK and resource types. These functions are often used to acquire information that is not part of a resource.

The Redis Cloud Pulumi provider allows for the following resources:

It also allows for the following functions:

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