Previous version Redis Enterprise for Kubernetes release notes

Release notes for versions of Redis Enterprise for Kubernetes released more than 18 months ago.

Below are archived release notes for Redis Enterprise for Kubernetes versions released more than 18 months ago.

Version (Release date)  Major changes
6.0.20-12 (July 2021) Support for RS 6.0.20-97, EKS, Hashicorp Vault, and added feature support for OpenShift OLM.
6.0.20-4 (May 2021) Support for 6.0.20-69, OpenShift 4.7, and K8s 1.20. Hashicorp Vault integration with REC and REDB secrets.
6.0.12-5 (February 2021) Support for RS 6.0.12-57, Amazon Kubernetes Service (AKS), and role permissions on custom resources.
6.0.8-20 (December 2020) Support for RS 6.0.8, consumer namespaces, Gesher admission controller proxy, and custom resource validation via schema.
6.0.8-1 (October 2020) Support for RS 6.0.8-28, OpenShift 4.5, K8s 1.18, and Gesher admission controller proxy.
6.0.6-24 (August 2020) Various bug fixes.
6.0.6-23 (August 2020) Support for Redis Enterprise Software 6.0.6-39, Rancher support, new database backup and alert options.
6.0.6-11 (July 2020) Maintenance release; support RS 6.0.6-39 and various bug fixes.
6.0.6-6 (June 2020) Support for RS 6.0.6, new database and admission controllers, various improvements and bug fixes.
5.4.14-2 (March 2020) Support for Redis Enterprise Software 5.4.14, K8s 1.16, and OpenShift 4.3.
5.4.10-8 (January 2020) Support for the Redis Enterprise Software 5.4.10 and multiple enhancements.
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