RedisJSON release notes

RedisJSON release notes for version 2.6 and earlier

Version (Release date)  Major changes Min Redis
Min cluster
v2.6 (July 2023) RESP3 support. New commands JSON.MERGE and JSON.MSET. 7.2 7.2.4
v2.4 (November 2022) Low-level API changes in order to support the multi-value indexing and querying support that comes with RediSearch 2.6. RediSearch 2.6 comes with multi-value indexing and querying of attributes for any attribute type (Text, Tag, Numeric, Geo and Vector) defined by a JSONPath leading to an array or to multiple scalar values. 6.0.16 6.2.18
v2.2 (July 2022) Preview of Active-Active support for JSON. 6.0.0 6.2.12
v2.0 (November 2021) Index JSON documents. JSONPath support. Commands operate on multiple paths. 6.0.0 6.0.0
v1.0 (December 2017) Serialization cache for JSON.GET. 4.0.0 5.0.0
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